Sunday, 12 February 2012

I really wish I had the time to paint these right now.

I've made little progress today, as I'm past the point where procrastinating is acceptable. I did however find an old mech from a board game - no idea which, as I can't find the box - and manage to base & spray it. It's too small to fit a pilot, so it's going to be a remote drone. I need to decide on a colour scheme for my force! So far the troopers have been black armoured with desert camo underneath, but I threw a bit of red in too. I think I'll have to check what the mechs I've done so far look like next to a fire team.
I also took a moment to make the spider drones from GZG, and they're wonderful little things. Updates this week likely to be rare, but once I've recovered from post-literature project drinking next week, expect plenty more!

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