Friday, 10 February 2012

First steps into 15mm gaming

I've picked up some of Critical Mass Games' ARC fleet recon troops to get started. Their platoon set, at £15 for 43 models, seems ridiculously good value for money to someone who is used to 28mm gaming.
They are also the same scale as some tanks I had picked up a while ago but never used. Score. I have a feeling this is going to be interesting - there is much better scope for converting, as things can be fudged easily.
I've got round to painting a bit already, as shown below. The minis are a GW spore mine, some ARC fleet troops with a Khurasan Mariner, a mech from Critical Mass and robots from Black Cat Bases. I'm particularly impressed by the CMG and Khurasan minis. I wasn't expecting the level of detail they have - the ARC models have pouches! The tanks shown are a Scimitar and a Saladin, I believe.
More to come soon - hopefully including a battle report using brand new and super secret 15mm war gaming rules!

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